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What’s ahead

Upcoming milestones

Late 2018

It’s all in the details.  The project team is set to dive into detailed design for the BRT network, evaluating every inch of the 24-kilometre route to refine the corridors to best fit into our communities.


Londoners have the chance to make history by choosing a name for our BRT system – and helping us determine how to give our 38 BRT stops a unique local twist. Also, the City begins implementing smart traffic systems to help ease future congestion for all of us.


BRT construction is expected to begin downtown, aligning with sewer work scheduled for King Street, before heading east. Like any city road project, BRT construction will happen in phases.

2022 – 2028

BRT construction is expected to continue through the north, south and west corridors. Londoners can start riding BRT as each leg of the system is complete.


Better mobility for London – the full system is expected to be complete.

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